Glasgow airport parking

The Glasgow airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the UK. It comes second in Scotland after Edinburgh airport. It exists between Renfrew and Paisley at the west of Glasgow. More than 7 million passengers travel through this airport every year. So, there is a very high demand for parking there.

Luckily, there is a wide range of parking options offered in the Glasgow airport. Most of these options are not expensive. However, there are some reasons why you may be recommended to go for a higher-in-price option. For example, you may have heavy luggage with you. So, parking near to the airport terminal will be a must even if it would cost you more.


Types of parking in Glasgow airport

When you go for an air trip from Glasgow airport, you will need to avoid the hassle of thinking about the security of your parked car. So, you should study the available options at first before choosing the suitable one for your needs.The available parking options in Glasgow airport are divided into two main general types of parking. All of these options are supported by Glasgow airport transfer busses. So, regardless the distance between the car park you choose to park your car at and the airport terminal, you will use one of the Glasgow airport Eco-friendly busses to reach either the car park or the terminal.


On-airport parking

On-airport parking is the fastest, easiest, and as well cheapest type of parking in Glasgow airport. It is suitable for those who are in a rush. On-airport parking sections are located near to the airport terminal. So, just a few minutes’ transfer will be required to move from the car park to the terminal and vice versa. Furthermore, a small price premium will be paid for this parking type. But, you will take the burden of parking your car by yourself and you will keep car keys with you until you come back from the airport terminal. There are 3 main options of on-airport parking:

  • Long stay parking
  • Short stay parking
  • Fast track parking


Off-airport parking

Off-airport parking is a more comfortable and reputable type of parking in Glasgow airport. It is also relatively near to the terminal. When you reach the car park, you will take a Glasgow airport bus that reaches the airport terminal in only 10 minutes. While leaving, you will be free-of-worry as your car will be left in safe hands with a driver who will park it in a secure place and keep the car keys until you come back from your air flight. Off-airport parking options are suitable for those who don’t mind to pay a little bit more money for top level of security and comfort. There are 3 main options of off-airport parking:

  • Direct parking
  • Sky port
  • Park safe at sky port


Available parking services in Glasgow airport

Glasgow airport provides passengers with a wide range of services. Furthermore the available shuttle busses that will take you from the car park to the terminal if you don’t want to walk, the following are additional services that are offered for the convenience of passengers.


Airparks Glasgow

Airparks Glasgow provides the top security parking service. It is applied on off-airport parking options. The car park is located far from the airport, it’s about 4 miles far. So, taking the shuttle bus will be required and it takes about 10 minutes to the terminal. Your car will be saved at a secured separate car park until you return back. When you return back, you will not be required to take the bus to the car park, you will be directly met with your own car.


Stress free Meet and Great

This is a hassle-free service provided in Glasgow airport to provide more convenient and free-of-worry travelling for passengers. Just make a call before you arrive at the airport and you will be welcomed by a driver who will drive your car from the drop-off area to a secured place at Airparks Glasgow until you come back. When you come back, a driver will be waiting for you with your car at the pick-up area.


Park “N” Fly

This is another service that is related to off-airport parking. It is less far from the terminal than Airparks Glasgow. About 5 minutes by an on demand bus would be enough to reach the terminal. Just make sure to insert the correct registration number because there is a number plate recognition during booking.


Fast tracking

The fast tracking service is the best one for those who are on a hurry and don’t want to affect their timing schedule. By booking this service online, the parking place for your car will be at the car park 2 second floor that is linked directly to the airport terminal through a bridge. So, you will waste no time to reach the terminal from the car park 2.


Discounts on early booking

Furthermore the wide range of parking options and services that are available in Glasgow airport, prices are relatively cheap especially if you booked early. The timing is also an important factor to be considered for earlier booking. For example, at peak times like school holidays and festive periods, prices for parking will be higher. So, it is recommended to book earlier than these periods to get a lower price. A general rule to follow is, the earlier you book, the lower price you pay. Booking at peak times may cost you £58 or more per day. While booking a six-month earlier before the flight time may cost you £43 at most. This means you can save up to 25% by early booking.


How to pay for parking?

It is convenient and easy to pay for parking in Glasgow airport due to the variety of payment options. You can pay using Apple pay, contactless payment or chip and pin. Furthermore, you can pay through traditional methods by coins at the exit barriers. You can also use change machines that are located at pick-up and drop-off areas if you need coins for payment.