Car insurance deals

Car insurance is one of the biggest costs that are connected directly to your car and it is paid on a regular basis at fixed dates. So, it is a major element to consider when you buy a new car. There are many different insurers who offer a wide variety of car insurance deals. The reason why you may prefer a deal over another is when you feel that it provides more value for money. So, how could you find cheapest quotes for your car? And what are the most trusted insurers in the UK to consider for comparison?

How to find cheapest quotes

Major factors that determine costs for your car insurance are related to your own circumstances not to the insurance company policies. That means when you go to an insurer to sign a car insurance contract, you will not find fixed costs to select from, your conditions will be the factors that will value your car insurance costs. The following are factors to consider in order to find the cheapest quotes.


The type of your car

When you buy a car, make sure that the type of this car will be a major factor that is considered by the insurance company for determining car insurance premiums. Because cost of repairing your carcould raise the insurance costs if your car is expensive, try to buy a car that is supported by safety features that reduce the risk of accidents or theft. These features usually support you to get discounts from any insurance company.


The amount of deductibles

Deductibles are fixed costs paid before signing the insurance policy. If you requested from the insurer to pay higher deductibles, insurance costs that will be paid later on a regular basis will be lowered. The higher the amount of deductibles, the lower the cost of coverage.


Dealing with the same insurer

If you already have a life insurance, health insurance, on any other type of insurance contracts at a specific insurance company, signing a car insurance policy at the same insurer could save your money because insurance companies usually offer discounts and lower prices for their older customers. Furthermore, you will get deductions if you insured more than a single car at the same insurer.


Driving distances

If you are driving a lot, expect higher insurance costs because drivers who exceed an average number of miles per year measured by the insurance companies are more exposed to the risk of collision. In contrast, if you maintained a lower driving distances than average, most insurers will be ready to offer discounts for you.



Driving history

Your driving history is like a CV that qualifies you to get cheapest car insurance quotes if you have no moving violation or accidents for years. However, young drivers with no driving history may be able to get good offers if they take a driver’s education course or a defensive driving course.


Credit management

Your credit balances are used by insurance companies while determining the cost for your car insurance. If your credit balance is managed effectively, you are expected to get better quotes from insurers. In order to maintain a good credit balance and a lower insurance cost, make sure to pay your bills on time to keep your credit balance as low as possible.


Most trusted insurers in the UK

Paying a little extra money after buying your car for a trusted insurance company is a safe and wise decision that will allow you to drive conveniently. In fact, there are a lot of trusted insurance companies to consider in the UK, but they differ according to their response time to your claims. Some of them respond to your claim in only a month, while others could make you wait for months. The following are 6 of the most trusted insurance companies in the UK.



Privilege is usually selected by customers from comparison websites because it is commonly known for its easy way of signing an insurance policy. It could be done by your mobile phone or online. It is also easy to communicate a claim and get a quick response. The majority of customers feel satisfied after dealing with Privilege (about 70% of customers), but there are approximately 30% who don’t renew their contracts. The reason may be because they are not loyal customers and they had come through online comparison.


NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual comes first as the best insurance company in the UK based on customers’ reviews. Approximately 93% of its customers renew their insurance policies. This means that approximately all customers are satisfied with the service they get from NFU Mutual. So, they don’t look for alternatives. It is easy to purchase an insurance policy from NFU Mutual either online or through your phone, but the majority of customers prefer using phone over the online quote system. Furthermore, there are about 300 local offices in the UK where you can meet the staff face-to-face.


Quote Me Happy

Quote Me Happy is a strong insurance company in specific areas in the UK while it may not be the most favorite in other areas. However, about 76% of its customers want to renew their policies even if the majority of customers are not fully satisfied by the experience they get when they make a claim. But in general, Quote Me Happy still occupies a remarkable position as one of the best insurance companies in the UK.




As a value for money, insurance policies that could be purchased from Bell are not the best. However, regarding car insurance deals, you will receive better offers with lower premiums if your driving record is good. Bell maintain a good position among UK insurance company and it is known by the quick response to claims that are requested through the telephone. However, the overall process needs to be improved if the company wants to go further in ranking.



Liverpool Victoria is one of the solid performing insurance companies in the UK. Both phone and online process serve customers perfectly. It enjoys very good ratings related to its communication, value for money, and easy of the process. This encourages 84% of its customers to renew their policies. However, Liverpool Victoria is criticized for the response to claims. Some customers think that the company needs to improve its response time that is required to settle a claim.


These companies could be the best to consider if you need to combine both a cheap car insurance quote and a trusted insurance company to believe in.