Inexpensive electric cars

There is no doubt that electric cars are one of the most recent improvement that is introduced in the car industry. So, you may think that all of these cars are too expensive to buy. But in fact, the increase in these cars in the market over the last few years has added a competitive advantage between manufacturers related to their price. So, in 2020, you can find different options introduced by manufactures like MG, Skoda and others at an affordable price. Electric cars with affordable price should allow you to rethink about your own car, do you prefer to pay a lot and on a regular basis for petrol or diesel or save your money by having an electric car that cost less to run?

In this topic, we will introduce five of the cheapest electric cars that will catch your interest in 2020 and we will talk about things that should be considered before buying an electric car.

Cheapest electric cars coming out in 2020


Smart EQ forfour

This is a unique car that is suitable for families who don’t drive for long distances, the battery range of the smart EG forfour is enough for about 55 miles and it is recharged in about 3.5 hours because this car doesn’t support rapid charging. Unlike the EQ forfour that comes with four seats, there is another option that comes with only two seats, the Smart EQ fortwo. The battery of the Fortwo is enough for about 65 miles. Both of the two options come in an affordable price. The EQ forfour costs about £18,200 while the EQ fortwo costs about £17,700.


VW e-Up! (The second generation)

The first generation of the VW e-Up! Is available in the market since 2016 and it has encouraged many buyers. In 2020, the second generation of this electric car is expected to attract more buyers. Furthermore its cheap price that is about only £16,000, the second generation of the VW e-Up comes with a battery that is enough for 135 miles. You may think that this battery will need too many hours to recharge. But thanks to its rapid charging, only one hour is enough to charge 80% of the battery.



In 2020, Skoda manufactures are expected to be a very strong competitor in the market of electric car by introducing the Skoda CITIGOe IV that combines between the lowest possible price and the very high performance. It costs only £15,000. However, its runs for approximately 135 miles and 80% of the battery is recharged in one hour. Furthermore, it comes with four seats and generous space for more comfort in addition to being fully connected by a Skoda’s, connect app that helps drivers to have access to a navigation system and also to control the features of the car remotely.


Peugeot e-208

From their ongoing stylish interior and exterior design, you can easily deduct that the e-208 is a Peugeot. It keeps the wonderful design like other petrol and diesel models of Peugeot. You can find it a little bit more costly than other cheap cars as it costs about £24,000. An electric car with a battery that is recharged in 0nly 30 minutes and be available to run for about 185 miles deserves sacrifice. So, if you are usually driving for longer journeys, the e-208 is the best for you. It is also controlled remotely by the MyPeugeot App that allows you to activate, schedule and stop a charge.



With a price of £21,500, the MG ZS EV is also classified as one of the cheapest electric cars. This SUV car is considered a full-electric version of the petrol version, MG crossover. It is competing with its battery that is enough for 140 miles and recharged in only 40 minutes. Furthermore, there is a plenty of space inside that is supplied by many additions like a safety kit including blind spot detection and automatic emergency braking, an Apple Carplay on a wonderful screen and a satellite navigation system.


What do you need to look out when buying an electric car?


With the increasing number of electric cars to meet needs of buyers who are shifting from petrol-based cars into electric-based cars, you can expect how the future of cars looks like. But, before going blindly with the crowds, there are some important things to consider.


Charging stations

Despite the increasing numbers of electric cars, the infrastructure of charging stations that are required to charge all of these cars is still not strong enough especially when you drive for long distances far from the city. You may think about installing a charging station at home but this is a costly option that will raise the value of electricity bills monthly. This variable cost could be substituted by a solar system with a costly fixed price at the beginning but it will save your money on the long run.


Battery life

The battery life of the majority of electric cars can last for about 500,000 miles before it has to be replaced. But there are other factors that can affect the battery life and reduce it to even 150,000 miles. These factors include:

  • Hot and cold temperature
  • Power surges
  • Overcharging

You can deduct that your car battery should be replaced when you find that it loses its charge quickly. Something else to consider is the cost of changing the battery, it could be more than £4,000. Most companies offer warranties regarding the battery life, but this warranty usually covers only 60,000 miles and then it expires. So, you have to discuss these conditions when you buy a new electric car.


Hardware and software update

The technological features added to electric cars will absolutely amaze you. But, they will also charge you because they are regularly updated. Some entities charge a lot for updating hardware and software of your electric car. If you decided to not running update, these entities can stop your car from running. Luckily, there are some companies that don’t charge their clients for update such as Tesla.



Fixing an electric car in the condition of a breakdown is difficult, costly and takes a long time. That’s because of the lack of parts that are difficult to be found. Furthermore, most mechanics are not familiar with these high-tech cars and may not be able to fix them. So, you will find yourself forced to afford the expensive maintenance of the primary manufacturer.


Additional costs

Unlike gas-powered cars that require paying for maintenance, gas and maintenance, electric cars require more additional costs such as paying for charging stations, installing your own charging station, electricity bills and the cost of changing the car battery.

In general, you should think wisely. At the beginning, these cars were expensive, but when they become more available, their costs decreased. Once there is a strong infrastructure in the future, all of the mentioned additional costs are expected to be lower.