Garage shelving

There are many different objects that couldn’t be stored at home. So, the first place you may think about is your garage. But with the existence of your car inside, other stored objects could lead to annoying clutter if they were stored without proper organization. Furthermore, some of these objects may harm your car if they fall on it. The best solution for this problem is to have a garage shelving storage system.

Garage shelving will add to the space of your garage by organizing objects on shelves that will release much space for your car to park safely. So, it is a wise decision to support your home garage with a garage shelving that will eliminate the clutter inside.


Why garage shelving is needed?

Have a look around your garden and inside your garage and you will know how essential it is to have a garage shelving. Toys, tools, garden supplies and sports equipment that are left everywhere need something to organize them.The following are some of the benefits you will get when you support your garage by a garage shelving.


Protect expensive belongings


In a messy place, it is difficult to keep precious things safe. Power tools, garden equipment, motorcycles and your own car particularly are all expensive belongings that should be kept away from objects that cause the mess such as toys, scooters, furniture and lawn equipment. Cabinets or shelves on the wall will keep these objects organized safely. So, paint of your car won’t get chipped by a scooter falling on it and you will make sure that other important equipment are safe.


Keep dangerous equipment safe

Your garage usually contain toys of your children. So, they are getting in and out your home garage on a regular basis. But besides these toys, the garage also contains other dangerous equipment that should be kept far from your children’s eyes. These equipment include the following:

  • Fertilizers
  • Gas and other dangerous liquids
  • Electric tools such as hedge trimmers and chainsaws
  • Power tools like circular saws and drills

Some of these equipment could be kept safe inside closed cabinets, some others are difficult to be kept in cabinet, so they should be kept on high shelves to be as unreachable as possible for children.


Make everything accessible

Wasting time regularly looking for things that are left in a messy place is far from wisdom. Remember how many times you had to look for cleaning attachments for your vacuum, duct tape rolls or other important little things. You could have bought things twice or more because of losing them. But when these things are kept on shelves or organized cabinets, they will all be accessible in seconds. Garage shelving provides you with many storage options to fit different objects with different sizes. Small baskets, hooks, bins, drawers and cabinets are just examples. So, everything will have its suitable place.


Space fulfilment

The available space is different from a garage to another. But in fact you are only considering the space on the ground while you can extend this available space by shelves or ceiling hooks to store other elements without affecting the available space on the ground. So, many different objects that have used to occupy a big area of the floor can easily be organized vertically on shelves or kept on a ceiling hook if they are not used regularly.


How to choose garage shelving

Garage shelving provides too many solutions related to storage organizing, safety and having enough space for many objects. But, there are some factors that should be considered in order to choose the right option for your specific needs.


Space considerations

Those people who are planning to have a garage shelving for their home garage before even building it will be able to choose whatever option they want. But if you are already have a garage with limited space, you will have to stick on the remaining inches after considering the area where you park your car or vehicle. Sometimes, the available space become too little to have a storage cabinet. So, shelves on the wall become the only option.


Materials that are used to produce storage systems

There are three types of materials used to produce different garage shelving options, Wood, plastic and steel.

  • Wood: wooden cabinets are considered the cheapest option for garage shelving, but they can be suitable depending on your needs. However, they absorb chemicals. So, if you spilled chemicals on wooden shelves or cabinet, it will be difficult to clean them.
  • Plastic: plastic shelves are a popular option that is economical and could be found easily. Furthermore, it looks good and offer an appealing design in your garage. But unfortunately they don’t last for the long run due to many factors such as sun exposure, breakage and cracking.
  • Steel: regardless being more costly than other options, steel cabinets are the most recommended because they are the most durable option. To meet all needs with different price ranges, they are produced in a range of designs and sizes. Determining the heavy duty based on your own storage needs will help you to select the right option.


What you will store

You can have cabinets or shelves on the wall. But, you need to consider if your objects are heavy or not. If they were heavy, it is better to rely on a steel cabinet. If they were smaller items, shelves would be enough.

After considering your needs and your garage limitations, there are three main categories of garage shelving to look at, each of them is suitable for specific needs.


Standing shelving

Cans of paint, workout weights and other heavy weights may be difficult to be carried by shelves installed on the wall. So, standing shelving could be a better alternative for this situation. The cost of a standing shelving depends mainly on the material. If you have budget considerations, a wooden standing shelving that costs about £28 will be good. But for more durability, you can sacrifice a £60 for a steel option. The cost of plastic standing shelving is £40 on average.


Pulley systems and ceiling hooks

Items that could be picked only once a day or even not such as bicycles, fishing tools and canoes require a separate and higher place for storage. So, they leave much more space for other items. Pulley systems and ceiling hooks are approved to be the ideal choice for these objects. Hooks are enough for bikes but it would be difficult for them to store a canoe. So, a pulley system is the right solution for storing a canoe. Hooks are cheaper than pulley systems, a pack of hooks may cost you only £5 while installing a pulley system may cost you at least £11.



In order to store valuable items and keep them far from dust and environmental factors, a cabinet with closing doors will be the best option. After organizing objects on shelves on the wall and ceiling hooks, you will find many other small thinks that should be packed together somewhere safe. A cabinet will perfectly take on this responsibility. Cabinets are usually produced from steel. So, they are also able to store heavy objects. A cabinet will cost you more than other options. The least price you can find may be £30 while there are other options that may cost up to £280.