Local electricians

Some people think that their knowledge about electrical wiring is enough even if they are not well trained. So, they may try to deal with electricalworks without hiring a professional electrician in order to save money. If you did this before, remember how stressful you had felt while dealing with electrical wiring or outlets. This represents the danger of this task. So, it is more recommended to hire a professional electrician. Regardless how much he would charge you, costs never exceed the cost of any damage you may cause at your home or the cost of mistakes that could put your life at risk. Furthermore dealing with electrical issues, professional electricians can also make use of their experience to help with reducing your electricity bills.

In this topic, we will introduce different tasks a professional electrician can help you with, why depending on a professional is important and how much he would charge you for different works.


What can an electrician help with?

A professional electrician can do anything related to electricity efficiently based on his qualifications and experience gained from working over years. When you think about what a professional electrician can do, you will find hiring him is considered a long term investment. But how?!


Replace old appliances

There are many appliances inside your home that are responsible for a large portion of your electricity bills especially if these appliances are old. They are a huge drain on power. So, substituting these old appliances by new ones that are energy-efficient is an ideal decision. While it may be easy for you to purchase a new appliance, you delegate it or even give up on the idea to avoid the installation difficulty. Hiring a professional electrician will help you to choose the best energy-efficient appliance and he willtake on the responsibility of safe installation.


Regular inspection and checks

The status of electrical wiring inside your home is hard to be evaluated correctly without a professional electrician. When wiring begin to deteriorate, the amount of power used by different appliances will increase. But, this is not the main problem. Deterioration of wiring could lead to many dangerous situation that may corrupt an appliance or even lead to a fire. So, hiring a professional electrician for inspection on a regular basis is necessary to make sure that your home is safe and as well your family.


Install energy-efficient lighting

There are many different options of lighting available in the market. Most of them consumes a lot of energy and as a result increase costs of your electricity bills. So, when you decide to choose bulbs or other lighting options for your home, it is more recommended to leave this task to a professional electrician who will select the most efficient lighting options that will save you a lot on the long run.


Install programmable thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is a task that couldn’t be done without an expert. You may ask about the reason why you should install this thermostat. While you are outside home or falling asleep, appliances that work to control the temperature of your home will consume energy continuously. But with a programmable thermostat, you can keep a steady temperature that is adjusted accordingly which in turns will reduce usage of electricity.


Why to use a trusted and trained electrician?

Dealing with electricity is a critical profession that should be left only to professionals. There are many reasons why you should rely on trusted and well trained electricians.



An electrical emergency needs to be solved quickly. If you tried to do it yourself, furthermore the difficulty you will face finding the right tools, you will also expose yourself to danger. But when you hire a trusted electrician, he will come on time with required tools and equipment to solve the problem and get everything done efficiently. So, don’t be afraid if you don’t have basic electrical tools, professional electrician will take on the full responsibility.


Full capabilities

Furthermore their training and qualifications, professional electricians have used to deal with many different electrical tasks. So, there is no difference between installing bulbs, fixing a light off problem or wiring establishment. Everything will be done properly to the highest standards.



When you compare the cost of hiring a professional electrician to costs that would be saved such as energy saving on the long run and cost of additional repairs of damages that could happen if you mistakenly handled an electrical task, you will find hiring a professional electrician a cost-effective choice.


Calling out charges and price ranges

Electricians usually charge per hour for small tasks or per day for big tasks. While prices are different from an electrician to another depending on expertise and the type of electrical task that is required. However, the price in the UK on average is £45 per hour or £350 per day. These prices differs a little according to the part of the country where you live. In general, you would be charged for hourly or daily rate. But, there are other tasks that are constantly priced such as a £100 to £150 cost of electrical inspection of a department with one bedroom, a £75 to £105 cost of installing a room thermostat, a £80 to £130 cost of installing a smoke alarm or a £1900 to £3000 cost of rewiring a property with one bedroom.


Electrician may also charge call out fees that are approximately double their hourly rate considering the type of work required. These fees usually cover transportation cost to and from your place. To be familiar with these costs you can visit the following link that include approximately all electrical works that require call out fees.http://www.whatprice.co.uk/prices/electrician/call-out-fee.html


Tips before hiring an electrician

Professional electricians are many and approximately all of them are trusted. But, there are some tips to consider before hiring one of them.

  • Check clients reviews: you can ask your neighbors about professional electricians they had used before, how they accomplished their task and whether they would hire them again.
    • Gather multiple quotes:because there are many professional electrician, you have the opportunity to gather different quotes to compare between them and select the best offer.
    • Select experience rather that price: selecting a less experienced electrician because his price is better than others could be risky. Stick on safety and always prefer experience over price.
  • Consider specialization:not all electricians are experienced in all electrical works. So, make sure that your selected electrician is experienced in your required task either if it is only repairing or construction.