Dog beds

Dogs are not just pets we keep and feed at our home, they are loyal friends. Your dog may grow up and stay with you for many years. This explains why many people try to provide the best possible life for their beloved dogs. One of the main elements that provide such life is dog beds. There are many benefits of letting dogs sleep in dog beds. But, you should know that there are different types of dog beds and not all of them could be suitable for your dog.

We are here to help you by differentiating between types of dog beds. Then, we will introduce best makes to consider when you shop for a bed for your dog. But first of all, you need to understand why dogs need to sleep in beds.

Why Dogs need to sleep in bed

You should get a bed for your dog and you will find how important it is on the long run. Some people let their dogs sleep in their beds, but it’s not good for people with a compromised immune system or other allergies. So, it could be better to get a private bed for your dog. Here are four of the reasons for that.

To feel comfortable

Getting a bed for your dog will provide a relaxing sleeping for him. This will lower stress which is the main element affecting the heart rate of your dog. Being relaxed will lower the heart rate and improve breathing for your dog.

Not to get cold

Some people let their dogs sleep on the floor, but this expose them to the risk of getting cold. By providing them with a bed and a nice duvet, they will be protected.

For warmness

Dogs love to be warm. By getting a bed for your dog in order to provide warmness for him, you are helping your dog to grow better and healthier.

Types of dog beds

When it comes to sleeping, you can hardly find differences between humans and dogs. Dogs also dream and have different sleep positions. So, when you search for a bed for your dog, you should match between the type you select and the way your dog prefers to sleep. Her are four types of dog beds to consider.

Donut dog bed


This type could be the most popular type in the market and the most suitable for many dogs because it’s inexpensive to buy and it works well to provide good sleeping nights. This type is available for with many different colors and different sizes as well to provide a variety of choices that cover all needs. A donut dog bed is surrounded by raised edges to protect your dog from falling while sleeping. This type is preferred by many dogs because it’s suitable for spending hours while being curled up in its hole.

Orthopedic Dog Bed


This type is more recommended if your dog have problems with health such as muscles issues or hip problems. It’s made with higher quality to provide more comfort for your dog in order to relief his pain. This type of bed uses an orthopedic foam that helps improve mobility of your dog as well as relieving his joint pain. It focuses also on relieving pain of the neck and the back. Based on your dog size, you can choose between to major sizes, the medium size and the large one.

Sofa Dog Bed


This type responds to the fact that dogs love to get up on beds, sofas, and chairs. You may be punished your dog for doing that until it stopped, but this doesn’t mean he forgot what he really likes. A better solution for this is to buy a sofa dog bed which is similar to your sofa at home but with a smaller size. Then, you can train your dog to get up on it for sleeping or relaxing. Furthermore being liked by your dog, a sofa bed is a stylish addition to your home. There are many different sizes available to match the size of any dog.

Heated Dog Bed


A heated dog bed is usually used in winter especially in areas with extreme cold weather. Some dogs have thick fur that helps them to adapt to the cold weather, but many others don’t. If your dog doesn’t have thick fur, you are recommended to buy him a heated dog bed that will help to provide warmness and comfort in winter season. This bed is heated up to the normal temperature of your dog when it is plugged to an electrical outlet. You shouldn’t also be worried about its use of electricity as it consumes only 6 watts of electricity making it an energy-efficient bed.

Best makes

After determining the type that is suitable for your dog, you need to consider the quality of the bed. It must be made from the best possible materials to afford bites of the dog in order to last more. Here are four of the best makes in the market to consider.

Wolfybeds Luxury Wraparound Fleece


This bed provide a luxurious and spacious place for your dog to have a comfortable sleeping and relaxation. The shape and the size of the bed itself make your dog feel like a beast. The most popular size of dogs that use this bed is the Labrador size dog. However, Wolfybeds provides customized sizes to be suitable for different dog sizes. Furthermore, it provide a stylish collection that helps you to choose the one that blends with your home furniture.

Similpelle dog bed


This bed is manufactured from artificial leather or sofa leather and this make it more durable. It could be cleaned easily because it is smell and dirt resistant. You can buy it separately or sacrifice extra money to get it with a nice blanket. Considering sizes, there is the medium size and the large size. If you have a shepherd, German, or Dalmatian, you should buy the one with the large size.

Snoozezy Orthopedic Elevated


If your dog suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia, the Snoozezy Orthopedic Elevated dog bed is a very good option to consider. However, this bed is also recommended even for healthier dogs because it is known for being comfortable and relaxing. It can afford different dog sizes and weights. It is tested with loads exceeding 80Kg to make sure that it will not be affected by the dog while jumping on and off it.

Bunty Bellagio Crushed Velvet


This bed is manufactured in UK. It’s a crushed velvet bed that is easily cleaned as it is 100% washed by machine after removing its inner cushion. It has also a non-slip base that provide more safety for your dog. The bed itself is made from silver and some versions come with a luxurious interior. It may cost a little bit more than other options, but it worth is as it is also considered a great addition to your home furniture.

Average prices


Prices of dog beds differ because of different factors such as their types, sizes, and feature. Sizes of dog beds could be small, medium, large, or extra-large. Feature may include a removable cover, memory foam, heating or cooling function,resisting to chews, being washable, or the possibility of being used outdoor. Considering prices, the cheapest options range from £25 to £50, Options with average quality range from £50 to £75, expensive options range from £75 to £100, and luxurious options range from £100 to £125 and sometimes more.