Used cars

In today’s harried world, saving time on transportation is an essential factor that helps you to accomplish day to day transactions efficiently. So, having a personal car is important. But, not all people have the budget that affords paying a lot of money for a new car. However, you can pay too much less to get an alternative used car that meets your transportation requirements. Because most of people now are going for used cars especially first time buyers, the used car market has grown up rapidly, it’s even bigger than the new car market. So, there are many places where you can buy a used car and most of them are reliable.

When you look for a used car, there are some important features to consider before making your decision. In this topic, we will introduce features that should exist in used cars to be considered, makes and models that should be avoided, and best places where you can find best offers of used cars.

Most important features of used cars

When you shop for a used car, you not only choose a specific model, but you need also to consider important features to have a comfortable and safe driving experience. The following are some of the most important features to consider.

Air bags

Because safety comes first, you should make sure that your used car is supported by air bags to protect you and your family in case of a collision. The majority of used cars offer air bags for only front passengers. But, some recent used models provide a complete package for all seats.

Automatic Climate Control

An air conditioning system is indispensable when you buy a used car. But, which is better to look for is an automatic climate control system. This feature provide you with advanced settings to control temperature inside your car while driving. So, any required adjustment to temperature will be done automatically to guarantee a comfortable driving.

Comfortable seats

Having comfortable seats guarantees a comfortable driving experience. So, this feature should be considered when you buy a used car especially if you drive for long distances. Make sure to check both the driver seats and passengers’ seats.

Navigation Systems

Buyers of used cars are generally first time buyers. So, their knowledge of roads and new places is limited. This make it essential to have a navigation system imbedded in your car. It helps to reach your destinations easily and to avoid getting lost.

Cruise Control

Cruise control is available in many car models today. It helps many drivers to avoid tiredness when they drive long distances on highways with the same speed and driving position. So, if you are driving long miles regularity, a cruise control feature should be available in your car.

Keyless Entry

Despite not being common in used cars, remote unlocking or keyless entry is one of car features that enhances convenience for car owners. You will be lucky to find such feature in your used car. Just be patient when you shop around.

What makes and models to avoid

Some people find it difficult to trust in a used car even if there were a lot of models that score high ratings even after being used cars. Maybe because what they hear from some drivers about their bad experience of buying a used car. But, when you find out which makes and models to avoid and which to consider, you will be able to make the right decision. Here are three of the worst used cars in the market.

Ford Focus


Despite scoring a good rate when it was tested by the company before launching, it was frustrating for drivers when they bought it. The overall rating of the car is only 59%. It has problems with its power steering and engines that consume too much fuel. Furthermore, the building quality has different issues such as the rusting front wheel arches and the failure of heated windscreen.

Hummer H2


The hummer H2 should be considered a military vehicle that is designed to combat rather than a personal car. Despite having a luxurious interior design made of plastic and leather, it’s one of the worst vehicle to drive if you seek a comfortable driving. Over years, the interior design lose its value and sometimes make sounds while driving. Furthermore, it has a 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, this make it difficult to park this car anywhere. You shouldn’t also be fooled by its low selling price, this car is one of the most fuel consuming models.

Land Rover Discovery


This heavy and big car has approximately no problems to consider related to its design. But, it has a lot of problems related to its features. These problems include a failure in its cruise control system, problems with air compressor, and other software problems. These are also problems in its infotainment system and pre-heat facility. All of these problems are enough to reduce the overall rating of the car to 60% and to make most people avoid buying it.

In addition to the previous examples, there are some other models to avoid such as Cadillac BLS, Chrysler Crossfire, Dodge Caliber, Vauxhall Insignia, and Vauxhall Astra. Maybe these models managed to attract some buyers with their lower prices. But, after uncovering their downsides, they should be avoided as used cars.

Where to find best offers

Thanks to the internet, even used cars could be found online. There are many different online websites from where you can collect information related to prices of used cars, their available features, and also reviews of drivers. This helps you to make an informed decision. Considering websites that sell used cars, her are four of the most reliable options to consider.



Motors comes second in UK in terms of the number of used cars that are available for sale on the website. There are over 320,000 used cars sourced from independent dealers and franchised ones all over UK. There is also a place for private sellers to introduce their cars for sale. Motors usually put the picture of the new model. So, you will need to check reviews to have the information related to the old model that is available for sale. The best thing in Motors is the excellent search engine that helps users to narrow down their choices by determining required models, features, prices, and usage.



Despite being launched by a car financing company, Find and Fund My Car is one of the most popular players in the industry of used market. Being managed by a car financing company allows many buyers to get encouraging discounts when they use the website to finance their purchase of a used car from retailers such as Halfords and John Lewis. The website stock of used cars is not as large as Auto trader and Motors but it is still attractive. It has over 170,000 cars available for sale.

Auto Trader


Auto trader is the dominating website of used car industry in UK. It is the most visited website by both people who shop for used cars and sellers who want to list their cars for sale. It allows retailers to list new cars as well. But, the majority of contents are used cars. The website stock contains over 482,000 used cars and over 47,000 new cars. You can narrow down your search by entering the vehicle type, the fuel type, emission level, and range of prices. Also try to be patient while searching to reach the best decision because the website usually rank dealers who pay higher than alternatives in search results.



Despite being launched in 2019, Hey car has become one of the most popular websites where many UK retailers list their used cars on. It has over 213,000 used cars listed by big dealerships. It doesn’t deal with small local garages. Furthermore, listing on the website requires some elements to be assured, the listed car shouldn’t be older than 8 years and it shouldn’t cover more than 100,000 miles. This may limit the available cars on the website, but it helps people to find used cars that are not too old.

If you still asking about which website from the above is the best to consider for used cars, there is not a direct answer. Depending on the type of car you are looking for, you should consider investing extra time on each website to compare different deals until you reach the best possible informed decision.