Cheap ink for printers

Printers are used by both individuals and businesses. But, they are more used by businesses as indispensable devices for operation. They are used for marketing campaigns, printing designs, and important papers. So, getting cheap ink for printers should be considered to reduce your business operation expenses. This helps you to control costs and enhancethe success of your business.

Some people think that it’s better to get ink that is produced by printer manufacturers such as HP and Canon. But in fact, there are some other third parties who are considered better producers of ink for printers. These brands provide cheaper ink options with the same quality or even better.

In this review, we will help you to find the best ink for your printers and the best supplier to deal with. But at first, we will explain how to wisely deal with ink and how often you should refill ink cartridges.

How often you must refill ink cartridges

Ink cartridges could be refilled with ink by being injected through a needle filled with ink or directly from a bottle attached with a needle. This depends on the type of cartridge you have. Just be careful when you refill your printer cartridge and do it slowly to not cause any damage or overfilling.

Considering the number of times you can refill your ink cartridge, it depends on the way you take care of your cartridge. In general, ink cartridges could be refilled four times. But, there are other factors related to the components of your printer cartridge that may affect the ability of your ink cartridge to be refilled. These components include the following:

Electrical contacts

Without electrical contacts, your printer’s cartridge will not be recognized. These components stand up to 4 times of ink refilling before being exposed to wearing out. Once they are worn out or damaged, the cartridge will be missed or unrecognized.


The sponge is the place where ink is hold inside the cartridge. So, it should be kept safe to avoid wear and tear. Generally, sponges are refilled with ink four times. But, the over use of them may cause leakage and this will not allow sponges to absorb ink.


Nozzles are used to spray ink into paper. So, you need to clean them properly after completing the printing process otherwise they may not be able to let the ink pass through as a result of being dried out. The life time of these components depends on your printer usage. The more it is used the more nozzles become exhausted.

Which ink is better for printers?

After deciding on the type of printers you will use for your business, you need to know that there are different types of ink could be used by your printers. But, each type of ink has its own characteristics that make it perfect for some printers and less efficient for others. Here are the most common types of ink to consider for your printers. 

Liquid Ink


Liquid ink or inkjet ink is used to print text and images on paper. This type works better for inkjet printers. There are two different types of this ink, one of them is cheap but it causes fading over to images if papers were exposed too much to ultraviolet rays, this type is called Dye-based ink. The other type is called pigment-based ink, this type is expensive but it guarantees that pictures on papers become resistant to fading over. The reason why this type of ink is used for producing pictures is its great ability to print different vivid colors over the ability of alternatives.

Solid Ink


This type of ink is inserted in your printer’s receptacles in a form of solid sticks. It can be used by the type of printers that apply a heated print in order to melt the solid ink that is imbedded in wax. Once it is melted while printing, it forms the picture on paper in multiple layers. The only disadvantage of this type is the noticeable texture that is left by wax on paper, this texture could be scraped accidently when you dandle documents.



Toner is a common type of ink that comes in a dry form. This type is used by laser and LED printers. In fact, it’s not as perfect as liquid ink, but it helps printers to produce printed papers faster than alternatives. This dry ink consists of tiny pigment particles. When you use your printer to print documents, it uses an intense light to transfer the pigment particles into papers. Then, a spinning drum uses heat to fuse ink on papers making particles embedded on the surface of papers.



This type of inked systems is used by dot matrix and impact printers. In order to transfer pigment into documents, a long fabric ribbon that is placed on wheels pass through ink. This fabric ribbon exists between the print and the paper. By using heat, the character of the page is left behind ink on the document. Inked ribbon systems are commonly used to print colors such as red, black, or monochrome.

Where to find printer ink at best price

Like many other products, ink is available and sold online by a lot of stores. Some of them are general stores such as Amazon and eBay that sell different types of products, while some others focuses only on selling printer ink. When you search for the best price for ink, consider comparing between different prices of the same product that is sold by these online stores. To help you with that, here are four of the best online websites you can buy cheap ink from.

The beginning of 999inks is inspiring. This supplier started with only a manager and an employee who performed multitasks from receiving orders, packing orders, and dispatching. They were selling their products on eBay in 2005 at first. As long as it became popular, 999inks created its own website and moved to be in London near the Marble Arch Tower. Now, 999inks is one of the most popular retailers of printer ink in UK.

Cartridge ink is one of the most popular ink retailers in UK. It’s known for its cheap products that maintain quality as well. A huge range of ink and toner cartridges are produced by Cartridge ink and distributed all over UK to both home owners and businesses. Furthermore its cheap prices, Cartridge ink is also known for free delivery.

First call inks is not only distributing in UK, it’s a huge distributer of ink in both UK, and Europe. Over 40 years of experience allowed a lot of businesses and home owners to trust in products provided by first call inks. It covers many different brands such as Canon, Epson, Brother, and HP besides its own manufactured products. As a result of superior products provided by first call inks, it managed to build a huge database of loyal customers.

Cartridge discount is another big retailer in UK who is more focused on customer satisfaction. So, it provides ink and laser cartridge at top quality for unbeatable prices. On Cartridge discount, you will have a wide variety of ink brands such as Epson, Lexmark, Xerox, Brother, and Samsung. Product that are sold by Cartridge discount are tested before delivery. So, they are provided with a 100% guarantee as a mark of confidence.