Chesterfield sofa

The classic Chesterfield sofa has been making a comeback over recent years, spurred on it seems by its ability to transform a bogstandard living room into an elegant lounge of the kind you'd expect to see in 10 Downing Street. What's more, Chesterfields are increasingly affordable thanks to the shift away from real leather and concurrent introduction of a range of durable, comfortable and most importantly attractive substitute upholsteries. Here's our guide on finding the right one for you.



For the unintiated, Chesterfield sofas are characterised primarily by their distinctive buttoned backs, giving them a unique and elegant style that makes them a hallmark feature in many homes (or rather mansions) up and down Britain.

Their seats are often low to the ground and flanked at either side by large, curved arms, and they're usually accompanied by a matching footstool or Ottoman.

Chesterfields are generally designed with style rather than comfort in mind - so they're not necessarily the kind of sofas you can lounge around on and watch TV.

With their sharp corners and great back support, however, they can do wonders foy your posture.



The original Chesterfield sofa, which first started appearing in homes about 200 years ago, were upholstered with dark brown leather, mostly as a symbol of wealth and class status.

These days, though, they come fitted with a range of different fabrics.

Indeed, faux leather - providing you source it from the right retailer - is one option for those who like the classic look but are put off going full authentic because of the price or ethical reservations (plus this means you also have the choice of a classy deep red colour).

If you're looking for something more cosy, Chesterfields can also come with classic short-haired velvet upholsteries - and there are even those that sport a more basic tweed or cotton cover.

It really comes down to your budget and the surrounding aesthetic in your living room (hint: leather tends to match best with darker floors and walls).



 Any interior designer will tell you that unique features like a Chesterfield sofa work best when you go big. It needs to be the centre-piece of the room - otherwise it's just not going to stand out.

With that being said, the numbers need to match up. There's simply no point in going for a classic four seat Chesterfield if you don't have the space in your home to accommodate it.

Below is a general Chesterfield size chart, to help give you an idea of what would fit best in your living space.



Length (cm)

Height (cm)














Where to shop

Chesterfields are something of a British hallmark, so the good news is that there is no shortage of retailers up and down the UK selling them - generally at pretty reasonable prices.

For a more opulent and sturdy sofa it always pays to go with a bespoke designer that specialises in Chesterfields, but their prices can be towards the high end, so don't discount general furniture stores, where good quality can be found at good prices - espeically during their annual new year sales.

Below are some of the big names we recommend checking out:



The Chesterfield Company

Sofas By Saxon


Furniture Village