Online grocery

In today’s life, our timing schedule becomes too busy to even prepare a dinner, what about grocery shopping? Going to grocery stores require making a list, traveling to and from them, browsing these stores till you find all what you need. All of this is a time consuming process that could be replaced by online grocery shopping which is an efficient alternative to save both your time and your money.

So, what are the benefits of online grocery? What are the best online retailers to buy from? And how can you save money when you buy from online grocery stores? That’s what will be explained in this topic.



Benefits of online grocery

Some people have doubts about the quality and freshness of food that could be bought from an online grocery, but this case will not happen if you buy from a major online retailer with a remarkable reputation, you will find in contrast a lot of benefits from doing this online including the following benefits.

It’s comfortable

Think about what you will avoid when you buy from online grocery stores. You will not have to squeeze for parking, you will avoid picking things from different locations until you get all what you need, and if you already have little children,it would be an unfavorable process. With online grocery, you can order whatever you need quickly while you stay at home doing something else.


Time saving

Going to physical stores is a time consuming process that sometimes affects your timing schedule because these stores are not available 24h/day. In contrast, you can order from online grocery stores even if its 3 AM. So, you can shop online in only free times. This will not only save your time, but also save gas money that would be wasted on a trip to the grocery store when you use delivery services that sometimes offered free of charge.



In physical store, it’s difficult and more time consuming to compare prices of a specific store to another store. On the other hand, online retailers provide customers with the opportunity to compare prices of a wide range of stores. This feature is simple and requires only few minutes for comparison.


Track your spending

When you buy from physical stores, it is hard to calculate the cost of groceries in your cart while picking many different things. But, when you pick things online, the total cost of your online cart is easily visible. So, you can track your spending and remove things if you don’t need them or you want to reduce the total cost according to your budget.


Best major online retailers

The increasing numbers of online buyers make online grocery stores more popular than they were before. If you are going to stay home and order online, you need to know best major online retailers to buy from.


Amazon Pantry

Amazon is one of the first online stores to sell groceries online on the giant amazon pantry that offers a wide range of brands such as Kellogg, Cadbury, and Heinz. You can use it to buy crisps, chocolate, and other types of food. But, it doesn’t sell fresh food like fruits, vegetables, and meat. However, you can buy these goods from the later Amazon fresh which is developed after Amazon pantry. Household products are also available on Amazon pantry. So, you can use it to buy surface cleaners and washing liquids. What is really good about Amazon pantry is the delivery time that is only one day or sometimes you may receive your order at the same day. Minimum spending is £15.



Ocado is one of the largest online grocery stores having a wide range of branded products with more than 53,000 items from fresh food to toothpaste and toilet rolls. Normal delivery time is at the second day of ordering but it may be delayed an additional day because of the increasing demand. Minimum spending on the site is £40.



Sainsbury’s is another online grocery store that you can use to buy a wide range of products and receive them at the same day. But, make sure you order by 12 pm or earlier otherwise your order could be delayed to the following day because of the increasing demand. As well as Ocado, Sainsbury’s is environmentally conscious while delivering packages to its customers. It uses bagless delivery and eco-friendly green slots for delivery. The minimum spending on Sainsbury’s is £25. But you need to spend more than £40 to avoid the £7 delivery cost for smaller baskets, orders over £40 charge only £1 for delivery.



Morrisons is not as large as online stores like Amazon pantry, but it scores well for the variety of available products. It sells meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and different products that meet your pantry needs. Furthermore, there is a section for selling women,men,and children clothes that starts from only £3. The website sells food boxes that covers specific needs such as the meat eater’s food box that includes rice, bread, dairy products and vegetables, these boxes starts from £30. Minimum spending on Morrisons is £40 with variable delivery charges that ranges around £1 but you will be offered a free delivery month when you sign for the first time.



Iceland is a remarkable online grocery website that’s more popular for frozen food. This frozen food is popular because it could be kept for a longer times and this protects you against shortages. You will find many sales and discounts on frozen food if you buy it from Iceland especially for larger packs. You will also find a wide range of pantry products that start from £1 or less. The minimum spending on Iceland is £25, but you could be encouraged to spend more than £35 because the website offers free delivery for such spending.



How to save more £ on online grocery

Buying online doesn’t only save gas money on shopping trips, you can also reduce the amount of money paid for online shopping when you follow some online buying tips such as the following.



Free deliveries

When you buy online, the delivery factor should be taken into consideration. Many people mistakenly buy products at lower prices without considering delivery costs. So, never mind to choose a higher-in-price product if it is offered with free delivery because it is usually better than buying the same product at a lower price but with delivery costs.



Most of online stores if not all of them allow customers to use a wishlist to add items for later buying. This tool is too useful as you can use it to track prices of items that you are willing to buy. Once prices fall, you can order these items and this will help you to save more money on online grocery.


Coupon codes

Coupon codes are offered by many online retailers to encourage new customers. They help you to save a lot when you buy at the first time from an online grocery store. So, always search for coupon codes and pick them up once they are available.



You can hardly find a day passing without having sales and discounts on online stores. You can make use of these sales to save a lot of money especially at big discount times such as black Fridays and January sales. If there is something that you need it but not desperately, you can add it to your wishlist until being offered at a sale or a discount.