Perfumes are scents that are worn by both women and men as a complementary for their beauty. They make you more attractive, confident, and smelling good. Perfumes also help you to have a better mood. All of these benefits push more people to wear different types of perfumes. This increasing demand for perfumes encouraged a lot of companies to produce thousands of different perfume types to meet all people preferences and personalities.

With the wide range of options, choosing the best perfume that fits your personality is not easy at all. However, there is a way of connecting scents to your personality.

In this topic, you will know how to choose perfumes based on your mood and personality, you will know when you can benefit from discounts offered on perfumes, and we will introduce six of the best perfume brands to choose from.


How to choose a scent that suits your personality

Choosing a scent for your personality relies primarily on logic. You don’t have to try different types until you find the most suitable one. Fragrances are usually linked to specific personalities based on their components.


Feminine personalities

Most women are feminine but with different degrees. Those who are more feminine than others tend to be romantic and delicate. Perfumes that usually meet this personality rely primarily on the smell of fresh flowers. So, if you are feminine by nature, fresh flowers smelled perfumes are the best for you. In the market, there are many different flower scents. So, it will be easy for feminine personalities to find different options suitable for them.


Bold personalities

Bold personalities are brave by nature, they are not afraid to try anything weird or exotic. Regarding perfumes, bold personalities are the first people who tent to try new perfume scents after being introduced to the market. They choose the most exotic side of life. So, unusual perfume smells such as exotic flowers, cinnamon, and vanilla are usually the main types that attract bold personalities.


Energetic personalities

Energetic or active personalities are those people who are always dynamic and love everything that make them feel youthful. So, lively fragrances such as citrus and fruits are the most suitable types for them. In the market, there are a lot of perfumes that are related to this categories such as those with smells like peach, melon, and other fresh fruits. When you wear these perfumes, you will always feel energetic.


Laid-back personalities

These personalities are less active than energetic personalities. They prefer relaxation and calmness. However, they still prefer to enjoy a little fun in specific situations. Perfumes with relaxing smells such as fresh grass and sandalwood are the best types for laid-back personalities. They usually go for the smell of nature. So, perfumes that are made from ivy leaves or rhubarb usually make their mood.


The best way to buy perfumes at discounts

In order to buy perfumes at cheaper prices, there are two main elements to look at, sales and discounts. In fact, most fragrances are sold on sale. But they may still expensive until they are offered at additional discounts. But sometimes you need to buy a perfume immediately for an occasion. In this case, waiting for discounts will not be an available option. So, you will have to look for the cheapest stores that sell perfumes.

In general, perfumes are less expensive when they are sold online on their official websites than when they are sold at physical stores. However, there are some exceptions. For example, Creed fragrance is less expensive at physical stores. Another option is to buy perfumes from online trusted stores like Amazon where you will find regular discounts on fragrances. But the cheapest online stores to consider are called discount stores. These online stores usually buy perfumes from other countries where perfumes are sold at cheaper prices. So, they can sell them to online customers at less prices than other online stores.


Best perfume brands to consider

There are a lot of perfume brands in the market, but fewer options are too popular. A combination of a perfume smell that matches your personality and a perfume brand that is good and long lasting will usually make the most of your days. The following brands are some of the most popular brands in the market.



Guess is one of the most popular beauty brands in the market. It is known for fashion products and its range of perfumes are not less popular than fashion products. Guess perfumes are popular for their engaging and seductive smells. However, they are sold at affordable prices. Fruit smells like green apple, peach and floral smells like musk and amber are the most common Guess options.

Top perfumes: Guess gold, Guess Marciano, Guess girl, Guess seductive, Guess night


Dolce & Gabbana

You can hardly find someone who doesn’t like Dolce & Gabbana perfumes. This brand is approximately the most favorite perfume brand among both women and men. Different perfumes from Dolce & Gabbana are usually provided with concentrated formula. So, they can last for the whole day. Apple, jasmine, roses, and musk smells are the most common options from Dolce & Gabbana.

Top perfumes: Light blue, the one, Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Rosa excelsa, Dolce garden


Hugo Boss

Hugo boss is one of the best brands for men. But it provides perfumes for women as well. It relies on woody and botanical smells. However, there are about 100 different Hugo boss fragrances for women and men. Each of them has its own smell. After 1970, Hugo boss has become well-known for its tailored suits that are marked with their European flair.

Top perfumes: Hugo, Hugo Xx, Hugo element, Hugo energise, Hugo red


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is known between all perfume brands as a luxury brand. Furthermore its clothing line, it provides a lot of perfumes that rule the heart of customers either women or men. Calvin Klein perfumes cover two range of personalities. It provides romantic and seductive scents for feminine personalities and it provides fruity notes for energetic personalities. So, this brand is suitable for special occasions and regular day wear.

Top perfumes: Eternity, Obsession, Euphoria, Escape, Eternity aqua


Gianni Versace

This brand has a great reputation in the market for its fashion products and perfumes line. It provides a wide range of perfumes with different smells including sycamore wood, musk, sage, lemon, tarragon, and sweet notes. Perfumes from this brand usually last for the whole day. So, they are recommended for regular and casual wear.

Top perfumes: Versace Eros, Versace pour homme, Bright crystal, Versace man, Versace woman


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is a popular brand in the entertainment industry. It provides a wide range of perfumes that are focusing primarily on the combination of fruity notes and other extracts from musk, white amber, and cedar. There are also other types with mandarin and lavender smells. Sarah Jessica Parker managed to combine between its perfect perfumes that last for the whole day and reasonable prices that are affordable by consumers.

Top perfumes: Lovely, Covet, Covet pure bloom, Lovely twilight, Lovely sheer


To play it safe, you can check perfume labels online at first to make a list of preferences. Then you can buy your favorite one at first from a physical store to make sure that is smells like what you want. After that, you can buy it online to make use of cheaper offers from discount stores.