Emergency plumber

Plumbing issues are such home issues that couldn’t be delegated because they are directly linked to the flow of water at your home. This may be the reason why most home owners have some understanding of simple plumbing solutions. But, when you face a complex plumbing issue, it’s more recommended to hire a professional rather than trying to solve it yourself.While some of plumbing issues are harmless, others could be serious and require urgent assistant. So, an emergency plumber should be called in such situations.

In this topic, we will discuss urgent case that require an emergency plumber, advantages of hiring an emergency plumber, and tips that should be followed when you have an emergency plumbing issue before the arrival of an emergency plumber.


Cases in which you need an emergency plumber

Not all home plumbing fixtures are safe to deal with if there is a problem even if you have some knowledge about that problem. The following cases are plumbing issues that should be fixed by a professional plumber rather than a home owner.


Water heater leaks

Frequent heating and cooling that happens inside the water heater sometimes leads to leaks. You can find that when you see water around that heater. But, if this happens a lot, you should deal with it as an emergency issue that requires an emergency plumber. A professional plumber will identify the leaking cause and solve the problem after changing certain parts of the water heater if the case requires. Ignoring this plumbing issue will reduce hot water supply, raise the water bill because of leaking, and could damage your water heater in the long run.


Clogged toilets

Sometimes you may hear a noise from your toilet or it may refuse to flush, that’s how toilets are clogged. This problem is an urgent issue that requires an emergency plumber. Some homeowners use a plunger when they face this issue to solve it. But, this is a temporary solution that should be followed directly by calling a professional plumber. If it is ignored, it would be a serious problem in the long run and could lead to a structural damage.

Burst pipes

Pipes are the plumbing fixtures that deliver water to different areas of the house. So, any problem with these pipes could disrupt the water flow in your home. The age and quality of home pipes determine how long they will last before the process of water causes them to burst. Another factor that may cause this problem is how your home plumbing fixtures was installed. If they way mistakenly installed, the risk of burst pipes increase. When this issue happens, you should call an emergency plumber without delegation because it may damage your home walls and floors on the long run.


Gas leaks

If the gas pipe is connected mistakenly with your home appliances, this increase the possibility of wear and tear to weaken this connection and cause a gas leak. You can find out this problem when you smell an unusual smell that is similar to a rotten egg at your home. Once you have this issue, you should call an emergency plumber immediately otherwise you may expose your home to a fire if the problem get worse.

Advantages of hiring an emergency plumber

Handling emergency plumbing issues by yourself is sometimes more risky than the urgent issue itself. So, hiring an emergency plumber becomes the ideal decision in such situations. They are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 30 days per month. Here are 5 benefits of hiring an emergency plumber.


Keeping you safe

Emergency plumbing issues are not simple to deal with, dealing with broken pipes or large water heater could be dangerous for your safety and your family safety. An emergency plumber will handle these situations professionally keeping you away from danger. He is trained well to use safety techniques while dealing with such issues.


Saving your money on the long run

Some people think that it is expensive to hire an emergency plumber if the situation could be handled by themselves. In fact, they may think they handled the situation and solved the problem while they actually didn’t and it was only a temporary solution that sometimes lead to more problems in the future. These problems will later cost you much more than what you would pay if you hired an emergency plumber earlier. So, it is wiser to depend on a professional plumber to save your money on the long run.

Handling emergencies professionally

There is no doubt that whatever your knowledge about plumbing, you won’t be as professional as a well-trained plumber. So, there is a risk of making mistakes when you deal with plumbing issues by yourself. These mistakes could damage home appliances or parts of your home. To avoid this risk, you should let it to an emergency plumber who deals with every issue professionally with zero risk.


You will be insured

When you call an emergency plumber to solve a plumbing issue, you will be insured after solving it. That means he will be responsible for the cost of repairing this problem if it is found again after the repairing process and he will be responsible for fixing any additional damage that could happen because of an unintended error.


Finding a permanent solution

Quick solutions that most homeowners choose when they find an urgent plumbing problem are not the safest solutions, they only stop the problem for a short period before it happens again. On the other hand, an emergency plumber will assess the problem and find a permanent solution to it. So, it will not happen again.


Tips that are helpful in plumbing situations

When the plumbing issue is no longer manageable, calling an emergency plumber will be your only choice. But, you will not discover a heavy leak or a flooded bathroom at your home and wait for the arrival of the plumber without doing anything. Here are some tips you need to follow in such situations.


  • You need to know where shut-off valves exist at your home. So, you can stop the water supply once a water leak happens or a pipe is broken. This will reduce the effect of the problem until the emergency plumber comes.


  • When a specific pipe is broken, you can only turn off its source valve if you know where source valves of each water pipe exist. But if you don’t, you will need to shut-off the main water valve of your home.


  • Some knowledge of DIY plumbing techniques is helpful but as a temporary solution until the arrival of the emergency plumber. These techniques could be used in cases such as clogged toilets.