Exercise bike

When we talk about fitness, people with different ages like teenagers, the young, and even matures will be interested. This may be the reason why there are a lot of fitness devices available in the market to meet different fitness needs of people with different ages. Exercise bikes are one of the most common fitness devices in the market, you will never find a gym that doesn’t include exercise bikes. However, it would be more recommended to invest in one of these workout devices at your home. This will safe both you money that would be paid for an expensive gym membership or you time that would be wasted on going to and coming from the gym especially if your timing schedule is busy.

Before you go ahead and try to select an exercise bike from the overwhelming options in the market, we will let know about the different types of exercise bikes to decide the best type for your specific needs.


Types of exercise bikes


In order to narrow down options that are available on the market, you need to know that exercise bikes could be divided into 2 main categories, mini exercise bikes and folding exercise bikes.


Mini exercise bikes


Mini exercise bikes may not be as popular as other folding options. However, they are great for busy people who seek to burn calories and perform some workouts in order to maintain their health without the need to go to the gym. Furthermore the normal use of the mini exercise bike for the overall body, it could be put on a table to act like an upper body exerciser. That’s by using foot pedals by your hands instead of your feet. But does it burn calories as well as folding exercise bikes? In fact, it is burning calories at a slower rate than folding types. However, it is a small, practical, and cheap option for your daily home exercise.


Folding exercise bikes


Folding exercise bikes provide you with the same benefits of conventional bikes that you can take to the road while being at home. So, they are a very good alternative for those who haven’t the luxury of spending much time cycling outside. Furthermore, roads are busier than the case in the past. So, you can avoid cycling on busy roads that could expose you to dangerous situations by having a folding exercise bike at your home. These bikes are too many on the market, but they are divided into 3 types, each of them targets specific people with specific needs.


Upright bikes

Riding an upright bike is approximately the same as riding a classic bicycle as the seat is carrying your weight and the pedals are existing under your feet. The core benefit of an upright bike is to strength muscles of your lower body. However, some models are supporting muscles of your upper body. Among all folding exercise bikes, upright bikes are the smallest and easiest to transport. So, they don’t take too much space at your home.


Spinner bikes

Spinner bikes or as they are also called indoor bikes look like upright bikes in general, but their handlebars are a little bit farther away from the seat than they are in upright bikes. Furthermore, you cycle using a spinner bike while you are standing. This burns calories faster than other bikes and puts more pressure on your lower body which promotes building your body muscles. These bikes are more recommended for the youth to get fitness results as well as they can get at gyms and fitness clubs.


Recumbent bikes

Recumbent bikes are the most comfortable exercise bikes you can find. You can lean your back while cycling because the seat of a recumbent bike is works as a chair. You can relax your arms as the handlebars are on the sides not in front. Furthermore, the pedals are not below, they are in front which will be more comfortable for your legs. Recumbent bikes burn calories as well, but they are the slowest burning-calories type of folding bikes. It is more recommended for matures or people with joint issues and other problems.


What to bear in mind when buying a new exercise bike

When you think about buying an exercise bike, you are thinking about what this bike could help you with. But this depends on many different factors like your age and workout goals. Once you decide your workout goals, there are other elements that should be considered to reach the best possible decision.


Weight limit

Because you are supposed to use your exercise bike on a regular basis, it should be as stable as possible. The weight of the bike and the weight that is affordable by it is the main factor that ensures the stability of the bike. The more the weight, the more stable the bike will be.



Exercise bikes are usually supported by many features, the more the features the more the cost of the bike. But, regardless the cost of the bike, there are some features that should be included such as different resistance levels to set the bike according to your goal, built-in computer to track your calories burnt, and a comfortable seat because you spend much time sitting on it otherwise you will need to buy a separate seat cover.


Safety mechanics

Some of the parts of the exercise bike such as its chain and flywheel are dangerous and may cause injuries especially for children. So, you should make sure that these parts of the bike are covered well not to be reached by children.



The noise of your exercise bike should be taken into consideration. Some causes of the noise include fans and hard pedals. Bikes with fans are louder and the harder the pedals the louder the noise. Some people may ignore the noise, but if you are cycling while watching TV or listening to music, the noise would be annoying.


Best models of exercise bikes

Between all makes and models that are available on the market, there are two main factors that could help with your choice, the quality of the exercise bike and its price. So, you will be looking for a high-end product that doesn’t break your budget. Here are some of the best models to consider for buying.


Ultrasport F-bike Home Trainer

This is a foldable upright exercise bike that combines both the affordable price and reasonable dimensions. So, it will not take too much space at your home. It is suitable for people who are less than 100 kg. Its 8 resistant levels allow you to set the right intensity for your fitness needs. Features like the LCD and hand pulse sensors will also help you to get accurate measurement of distance, calories burnt, and pulse.



We R Sports Indoor Aerobic Exercise Bike

This is a valuable spinner bike that could be the best choice for the youth. It is not cheap like other options, but it is supported by many features that help you to set a fitness goal and track your performance till reaching that goal. Variable resistance levels will help to customize your goal and a multi-functional computer will help to get accurate readings regarding your speed, distance, and calories burnt. Because this bike is primary customized for the youth, it is supported by a 22 kg perimeter weighted flywheel to keep it stable during cycling.



XS Sports B400R Magnetic Exercise Bike

This recumbent exercise bike could be the best option in the market for seniors or for those who have issues. Even the highest exercise level of this bike doesn’t offer a big resistance. However, it can also help you to burn calories but at a slower rate. Same features that are available in the Ultrasport F-bike are also provided by this one to help with reading accurate measurement.



Ultrasport Mini-Bike

This bike is one of the simplest and lightest mini bikes you can get, its only 6 kg weigh. It could be set in front of a chair or a sofa to be used for burning calories while you are doing other activities like reading or watching TV. It could also be used for arm workout if you placed it on a stable table. It is supported by a battery. So, an electrical outlet is not required. Furthermore, you can approximately measure your burnt calories that is shown on its LCD.

Price: £44


Aidapt Deluxe Motorized Pedal Exerciser

This mini bike is programmed easily. So, you can set a goal and program it in a way that burns a number of calories at a specific time. That’s mean this mini bike is not for manual use, it could be good for those who wants to organize their calorie burning or for those who want to recover a surgery.



After comparing between the different types of exercise bikes to select the right type that matches your needs and after considering other important factors before buying, you will be ready to put your money on the right investment for your health and fitness goals.