Liverpool airport parking

There are about 5 million people who travel from Liverpool John Lennon airport. A large number of them usually go to the airport by their cars. So, parking in Liverpool airport is a common need that make it one of the busiest airports in UK. However, it covers all parking needs of travellers as it offers a wide range of parking options to choose from.

You have two options to book parking, either on the site by walking from the check-in location to the booking place or by booking online. Online booking is more recommended as it allows you to compare prices and choose the best place for your vehicle.

Because the demand for parking in Liverpool airport is too high, you will find a lot of operators with attractive offers and discounts to compare.


Types of parking in Liverpool airport

You may be travelling for a quick business trip or a longer holiday trip. Regardless the reason for travelling, your parking costs will be a major factor to consider. In order to get the cheapest possible deal, you need to choose the right parking option. The following are different types of parking that are offered by a wide range of parking operators.


Drop off & Pick up

This parking option is suitable for those who will not stay for long at the airport like those who are going to the airport to drop off or pick up their friends and family members. The drop off& pick up section in Liverpool airport is located near the airport terminal. There are two choices, either to choose the express drop of & pick up or to choose drop off 2. What is good about this parking option is the 40 minutes of free parking if you choose the drop off 2, but you should take care because prices are rising steeply according to the additional time you leave your car in the car park. Another factor to consider before preferring the drop off 2 over the express drop off & pick up is the distance, the drop off 2 is less expensive but more far from the terminal.


Short-stay parking

If you think that you will need to spend a little time with your friends or family at the airport before they travel, a short-stay parking option is more recommended not to expose yourself to the rising prices of drop off & pick up option. However, the parking period is limited and staying for longer may charge you more. The first 40 minutes costs £6, an hour costs £7.5, and a full day will cost you £42. The short-stay parking section is located opposite to the airport terminal in a multi-store car park. So, a minute will be enough to walk from the car park to the terminal.


Long-stay parking

This option is the most cost-effective option if you are willing to stay for a longer period that may exceed 24 hours. Because travelers who choose Long-stay parking are expected to leave their cars for a long time, the parking section is located far from the airport terminal in a separate place. You will have to walk for five minutes from the car park to the terminal. So, make sure that your luggage will not be too difficult to be carried.


Available parking services in Liverpool airport

Services that are related to parking and provided at the Liverpool airport are divided into 3 main categories, each of them seeks to provide the highest possible customer satisfaction with the lowest possible costs.


Off-site park and rides

An off-site park and ride is the cheapest service you can have in Liverpool airport car park. You will avoid the hassle of finding the right and secure place for your car. A driver will take on the responsibility of parking your car and keep the keys safe until you come back from the terminal to take your car.


On-site car parks

The official on-site car park service is suitable for long stay parking, multi-store parking, and fast track parking. All these parking sections are supported with top notch security features. But the fast track park is the best for you if you have heavy luggage because it is located directly near to the airport terminal. The multi-store park is another good option as it is one minute far from the terminal. While the long-stay park is the farthest option as it is 5 minutes far from the terminal.


Meet and great parking

Meet and great parking service is customized for travelers who need to leave their car at a safe place until they come back from their flying trip. This is considered a VIP parking service as you will leave your car near the terminal, give the key to a safe driver hand, and go ahead to your flight. The driver will park your car at a secured place for the duration of your trip. When you come pack, the driver will bring your car to the terminal where you had previously left.


Discounts on early booking

It is easy to find a spare space in Liverpool airport for parking, but it is not easy at all to find the best place for your car unless you book early because most of Liverpool car parks are small if compared to those in larger UK airports. Furthermore finding the right place, you will be offered attractive discounts on early booking from a wide range of parking operators. These discounts may reach up to 60% of the actual parking cost. Furthermore, there are promo codes offered on a regular basis if you booked early online. But make sure to check these offers regularly because they always released online with an expiration date.


How to pay for parking?

You can pay for parking with coins, credit card or debit card at the exit of the car park. You will also find a change machine that will help you to change your currency before getting out the airport. Just remember to use your ticket if you had booked a drop off 2 option because the first 40 minutes will be exempted before applying rates on excess time. You can use your ticket for payment at any pay statin, you can find pay stations in within the car park or the terminal.